Extract and convert complex
data to JSON with Restruct API

What is Restruct?

Restruct is a service that will optimize your data gathering and processing workflows. It can extract, convert, structure and process data from tabular input files such as Excel documents, CSV (Comma separated values) or text files.


You can easily integrate Restruct into your tool chain by using our REST API to convert and process data in an automated fashion. The transformed output data in JSON can then universally be used according to your needs.

Template Designer

With our Template Designer tool you define how data is extracted, converted and structured in powerful but easy to use web application. Find out more…

Complex structure

More than a simple converter – with Restruct you can extract complex data structures like hiding in iterations, worksheets, etc. and transform them to your needs.
User interface

Intuitive Template Designer

Design and structure once

Define once how data is extracted and converted with the powerful Template Designer. The resulting template file can then be used to extract data from future input files that are structured in the same way – fully automated.

Intuitive User Experience

The interactive UI gives you the possibility to quickly select data from the source file as required. Visual feedback providing support to quickly grasp how the data is extracted and structured.

Output Preview of Final Data

The output preview will show you how your data structure will look like – any changes are applied in real time.
User interface

Complex Data Structures

Restruct is more than just a simple converter. Define lists, iteration, sections and more based on smart conditions.

Powerful Processing

With extensive Processing options you can transform the input data to any format you want. Want to extract zipcodes from an address?
Using regular expressions your limits are endless. Want to convert text-based dates to ISO-8601 format? Our type conversion can just do that.

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